Drizl Launches New App for Buying Original Art


“I love art but I don’t know where to start!”

At Drizl, we believe buying original art should be fun and inspiring. But traditional venues to buy art don’t make it easy. Galleries are intimidating & expensive, art shows are crowded, and online art sites are overwhelming. So we’ve developed tools to help you experience art in a completely new way. With Drizl tools, you can view art in your very own room with the swipe of a finger. Take your time exploring, learning, and trying art in your space.  When you’ve found the perfect match, we’ll arrange to have it delivered right to your door- for free! – ready to hang on your wall.*

Your Space Matters

One of the most frustrating things about buying art, is knowing simply whether the art you are looking at will work in the space you have. Colors, style, size, and emotional reasonance all matter. But how do you know how it will look & feel before you put it on the wall?

With drizl, we provide room upload and measurement tools, and you can immediately filter art for size, color, style, and more. You can also invite artists you like to propose work for your room.  Then you can focus on finding inspiration knowing it will work for your space.

Explore, experience, connect.

Art is an exploration. Sometimes the attraction is instant, sometimes its beauty and meaning emerge over time. Sometimes it’s how it captures your mood or expresses what you believe. Sometimes it’s a connection with an artist’s technique, story, or journey, or simply being able to ask them what they think would work given what you’re trying to say. In the best of worlds, all those sometimes add up and create something more besides. That’s what we’re building with drizl.

Simply take a photo of your room with your phone or iPad, upload it to our site along with a single horizontal dimension in the room.  From there, just start “collecting”.  Hit the grey dot on the lower corner of the art and it will turn blue.  This will add that art to your Art Collector so you can view in your room along with all the other pieces you’ve “collected”.  Congrats, you are now a “Collector” of art!

After “collecting” all the pieces you think might would work in your space, go to the Art Collector and try them all out.  Find the one you like best, simply purchase on our site and in most cases, it’ll ship free right to your door.*

Found a style you like but not sure which would be best in your room? Share with friends and see what they like. Or, contact the artist and ask them what they would suggest. You can even arrange a commission with the artist to get a piece made especially for you.

Visit www.drizl.co to get started.

Art in Room Image:  ©2015 Betty Jo Constanzo, “Friday Harbor #1″, Oil on Canvas

*Artworks larger than 40″x 60” may incur an oversize shipping fee.


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