Drizl TV

These videos clips offer ideas about how to collect art, including tutorials and demos on how to use Drizl to make great art buying decisions.  You'll also find an occasional sneak peak into artist studios where we can watch how they create their work. 

How it Works

Take a quick tour of the Drizl site to see how it works. 
Length = 1:00

Studio visit

Visit the studio of Betty Jo Costanzo and see create these beautiful paintings.
Length = 0:35

View in Your Room

Quick demo of using the Art Collector to try works in a room.
Length = 0:10

Studio Visit

Visit the studio of Seattle artist Simone Foggett and see how she creates her mixed-media works.
Length = 0:34


Patricia is CEO & Cofounder of Drizl.co. Contact her at patricia@drizl.co