Equinox Studios: A Very Open House

Arguably one of the best open studio events ever!  Packed full of super creative artists, visual and performance, along with beautiful lighting, fun fire things, and food trucks, make this a great evening to be entertained and be inspired.  It's kind of like a makers fair but with great art.  Look for Drizl artists Betty Jo Constanzo, Gail Howard, Stacy Rosevear, and Simona Foggett among others.  As always you can upload your room to the Drizl site so you can try their works out in your very own room!

A Very Open House at Equinox Studios

December 10th, 2016

Open Studios 6-10pm, Last festivities 10pm -

6520-6555 5th Ave S, Georgetown


Betty Jo Costanzo

Gail Howard

Stacy Rosevear

Simona Foggett

Patricia is CEO & Cofounder of Drizl.co. Contact her at patricia@drizl.co

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