May I return a piece of artwork if it does not meet my expectations?
Yes, you have 7 days after you receive the artwork to initiate a return. Please contact us and we will give you instructions. We will pay for shipping.

How do I return a piece of artwork?
Please keep all the original packing materials and box. Contact us and we will give you further instructions.

Do I pay for shipping?
Generally, no shipping is included in the cost of the artwork with the exception of oversized works (any dimension longer than 60") or shipping internationally.  Please contact us for more information.

How do you ship artwork?
We use a variety of shipping carriers depending on the size of the art and the location it’s shipping. If you and the artist are in the same city, we will arrange for a local delivery service.

Once I purchase a piece of art, how many days will it take to arrive?
You should receive your art in 7-14 days.  We will let you know if it will take longer.

What does “limited edition” and “open edition” mean?
Although Drizl does not sell mass produced prints, some artworks, like printmaking and photography can be reproduced under the artists supervision. With a limited edition, an artist creates only a designated number prints and are usually considered more valuable for this reason. Open edition prints are not a limited quantity. Both are considered original works.

Can I communicate directly with the artists represented by Drizl?
Yes, you can communicate with them through our website by sending them an "invite" or asking them to "suggest art" for your room.  They will generally respond within 3-days.

Do you provide framing services?
Some artists will post works that are already framed.  Drizl does not offer framing at this time but can recommend someone in your area to do it for you.

Does Drizl have a physical gallery location?
No, but please feel free to contact the artist directly for a studio visit or go to events in your area.  We encourage you to see artwork in person and use the tools on our site to help you decide which art works best for your space.

How does Drizl price artwork?
Our artists set all their own prices.

I saw a piece I loved but it was the wrong size. Can I commission a work from the same artist?
Yes, for sure. Contact the artist by sending them an “invite” and tell them what you are interested in. It's even better if  you upload your room so they can see the space.  They will get back in touch with you with a price, timeline, and a contract so that both parties are protected. We ask for a 50% payment up front before the artist begins the work and 50% when it ships out. Please contact the artist or Patricia at patricia@drizl.co for more information.

Do you offer trade accounts?
Yes, just email us at info@drizl.co to set up a trade account and we'll give you a discount on all your sales.  We also have special tools for managing multiple projects.

Artist FAQ

How can I become a Drizl artist?
The Drizl marketplace is a curated site and you must have an invitation to join.  We represent career and professional artists across all genres and mediums.  Our artists tend to have a established art career and a distinct body of work. If you would like to be considered for our site, please contact Patricia at patricia@drizl.co.

Do I have to sign an exclusive agreement?
No, you can sell in any other place you’d like. However, we do ask that if for any reason you can't sell the work directly to a client (for example, if it's in a gallery show), you should "unpublish" it from our site.  We save all the information on the artwork so you can always go back later the "re-publish" it.

How many works should I show?
You should have a minimum of 3 works published and can list as many works as you want for the first 6 months. After this period you will be charged a monthly fee if you have more than 10 images published. It helps buyers to see multiple works and if you have several styles, to see these organized in series so that buyers can see a strong body of work.

Does the work have to be available for purchase and is there a commission?
We like to see most of the works on our site for sale. However, if a work sells through our site, we will put a red dot (sold) indicator on the artwork. The work can remain on our site with the red dot in case customers would like to commission a similar piece.  To cover our fees and management costs, we charge a nominal commission if the transaction goes through out site.  Commission rates may vary is you are working with partners or other art organizations that use the Drizl platform to promote your work. 

Can I use all the tools on Drizl for private clients?

Absolutely!  The visualization, presentation, and collect tools are all there to help your clients find the perfect piece.  Anything on our site is yours to use to help you get sales.

Can artists living outside of the United States apply?
Yes. But since we are mostly marketing in the US, it may cost you additional shipping fees so make sure to build that in your price. 

Do you offer printing services for photographers?
No, we sell only original works and photographers must do their own printing.

Can my clients living outside of the United States purchase my art on Drizl?
Sure, we can ship just about anywhere.

What is Drizl’s return policy?
We have a 7-day return policy. If the customer decides they do not want to keep the artwork, we will arrange to have your art shipped directly back to you.

Does Drizl sell framed artwork?
Yes, if you have a piece that is already framed, you are welcome to list it as such and adjust the price accordingly. But you are under no obligation to have it framed before you list it on our site.

If you’d like to be considered for Drizl, please contact us at patricia@drizl.co.

Patricia is CEO & Cofounder of Drizl.co. Contact her at patricia@drizl.co