Featured Artist: Genna Draper

“I paint because I love it. I love the chaos I create when making something and knowing order is found at completion.” 

Screenshot 2016-07-27 14.23.07Growing up in Ottawa, Ontario; the only child in a large Italian family, Genna's creative pursuits were always supported and encouraged. Drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting and building were integral activities of her daily life and she is happiest working with her hands.
Genna's paintings are given life through a combination of materials, technique and a whole lot of elbow grease. Working in different mediums she explores new approaches for their uses and draws on her experiences with color, textures and space to create mixed media work that is at times abstract, and other times figurative.
She equates painting as a sort of conversation; an idea that needs exploration and or even clarification.  As each layer emerges it is with the thoughts and emotions that pass through her mind in that moment. Each decision and brushstroke is in response to the previous one.
To see more of Genna's work and to try her work in your room, go to the Drizl app at www.drizl.co/gennadraper.


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