Why Use Drizl?

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Upload Your Room - Try the Art

Ever wonder what the art will look like on your wall when you get home?  Simply upload a photo of your room, collect art on our site (click the gray dots to add to our patented feature the "Art Collector").  Then just swipe in works you like to find the one that fits your room best.  Not sure?  Share with friends, family, or your designer to get advice on what will most enhance your space.


For Art Buyers & Designers

  • Upload a photo of room(s) that need artwork
  • Find original art that matches your tastes, style, and color preferences
  • Try out artwork by placing it into a space in the correct size and proportions
  • “Invite” artist to propose works specifically for your room
  • Collaborate and share with friends and clients to get advice on what fits best

For Artists

  • Upload artworks to your portfolio for buyers to try in their rooms
  • Browse rooms to see if your artwork is a good match
  • Recommend your art to the buyer
  • Receive “invitations” from buyers to propose your art
  • Manage & update your portfolio for free

For Curators and Gallery Owners

  • Browse art to see if a particular work may be a match for a prospective buyer
  • Get commissions on sales of artwork on behalf of artists
  • Build your community of artists, buyers, and designers by posting collections & completed installations


Patricia is CEO & Cofounder of Drizl.co. Contact her at patricia@drizl.co