How to Buy Art for Your Room #2: Energy

How to Choose Art for Your Room: Energy

What gives energy to a room?  What gives energy to a painting?  

In a previous blog, we talked about how to choose paintings that match the feeling or emotion you'd like to express in your room.  In this article, we're going to talk about how to selecting a painting that conveys the right amount of energy for your room.

What is energy in a painting?  Energy is usually represented by two things:  the movement in a painting and the colors. 

Here's a few examples of high energy paintings that also have bold colors:

Now, if we take the bright colors out, can we still have an energetic painting? Yes, because of the movement and brushstrokes in the painting.  Although maybe not as energetic as the ones above, the animation of the brushstrokes or dominant shapes shows motion and flow.


What I find interesting about this is that you can still bring energy in to a room with artwork, even if you don't want strong or bold colors.  They may not be super high energy, but they are full of movement and interest.


This is a really important question and something to keep in mind when you are looking for art.  If you want to make a big statement and maybe entertain a lot, you can have a lot of fun finding really energetic art.  Or perhaps the furniture is understated and that leaves more room to be a little wild with a painting.

If  you are planning on having the room be a contemplative or calming place, maybe take it down a notch.  Remember, you should have a varied art collection that represents many different styles.  That's what makes it fun and what keeps you loving your art collection for years to come.  

Here's a few more examples of very energetic paintings (back to vibrant colors here):


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