How to Create and Organize Art Collections with Drizl

Let's get organized!

One of the key features to using the Drizl site to discover art that works best for your space is the ability to visualize it in your room.  There are so many awesome choices that we want you to be able to create groups of works you like, narrow your choices, and find the perfect piece to hang on your wall.  To help, we've created the tools for you to upload a room, choose artworks you like, and "try" them on your wall simply by scrolling through your favorites.

STEP 1:  "Collect" art by clicking on the gray dot below the image to turn it blue.  (Note: To collect and create collection, you must be signed in to your account.)



STEP 2:  Go to your Your Dashboard and add a collection.  You get to your dashboard with the dropdown menu under your avatar.


If you are looking for multiple rooms or projects, you can create different collections to keep track of works you like for each project or space.  For example, if I'm looking for work for both my living room and my dining room, I may create two collections called "Abstracts for Living Room" and "Landscapes for Dining Room".  

STEP 3: At Your Collections and click Add New to name a collection.  Then simply drag works you've "collected" in this collection.


(Note: Any art not put in a group will still appear in your collections as "Ungrouped".)

STEP 4: Go to the Art Collector.  After you've created a collection, these works will appear in the Art Collector where you can see them under the popdown menu "Your Collections".  




Now you can easily view your favorite works in your room as you continue to discover and refine the works you like best for your space.




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