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Buying art is hard, but the good news is,  we are here to help!   This is not some snooty art site that expects you know exactly what you want.  Even the word "art collector" makes us cringe a little.  Unless you have a ton of money and art  investing in art so you can make money for your retirement fund, you most likely just want some cool art for your house.  

Buying art is a bit like dating in that you need to find the right match.  And in order to find the match, you have to first think about a few things that you want.  And like buying clothes, something that looks great on someone else may look not so good on you.  Again, it's about the right match.  But the good news is that you can try out - in your own room -  as many artworks as you like before you commit to anything.

To get started and guide you through the process, we can help in 3 ways:

  • Guides to Buying Art.  Here we give you ideas and tutorials on where and how to start  your search.  And, the more you "collect" artworks on the Drizl site, the better we'll get at recommending works we think that you'll not only like but that will work in your space.

  • Room Challenges.  Here people can post rooms and get advice from curators, other Drizlites, or even the artists themselves.  Sometimes it helps to get trusted opinions.  

  • Room Successes.  This is my favorite part!  These are postings of people who have bought art and it ended up being a great match for their space.  



Explore more ways to buy and see art in your room.

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