Room Success: Gilded Entry


This is an entry way with an unusual and beautiful white-gold leaf wall covering.  So it needed a painting strong enough to hold up to the background.  The client knew he liked Brooke's work, so uploaded his room to find the right piece, both in size, subject, and color.  He found "Shmid's Flowers" which had only been posted for few days and yes, it works perfectly in this space!


Entry way in need of artwork

An entry is such a great place to make a statement since it's the first thing a visitor sees when coming in to your home.  And for you the art buyer, you also see it every time you come home so you want something that you are really happy to see when you open that door.  Splurge on something you love. 


"Shmid's Flowers" by Brooke Borcherding

Artwork in it's new home

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