Room Success: Midcentury Eclectic Dining Room

This beautiful encaustic landscape painting recently found a home in this newly remodeled midcentury house near Seattle.  The ceilings are angled so there was room for large artwork.  And although the house is fairly modern, the owners wanted a homey feel for the dining room.

The somewhat abstracted landscape painting has wonderful earthy and warm colors that go well with the other furnishings in the room.  A lot of cooking and eating go on in this space so something that feels organic and from the earth is an appropriate choice to make people feel comfortable and well, grounded.  

Drizl room visualization tools (see photo 1) helped determine that the size should be just wider than the width of the dining table and not so tall that the chandelier blocks the painting.  The encaustic style of the painting (i.e. painted with wax) add lots of texture and interest.  The style of the painting and the frame is a fitting choice for the midcentury architectural style of the house making this a great edition to the dining room of this house!  (see photo 2)



** Artwork by Portland artist Kirk Weller.  Final installed artwork is framed.

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