Who We Are

Patty Mulligan, Cofounder
Patty Mulligan has over 30 years working in the art industry, and always, if not intentionally, with a technical orientation.  Her first startup predates all Seattle grunge touchstones; in 1987, when floppy and hard disks, she invented a way to digitally print textile “colorways” using a color inkjet printer instead of painting them painstakingly by hand.  Later she was an artist, where she used Polaroid film and gold leaf to channel Edward Curtis and then, when Polaroid disappeared, recreated the process fully digitally. Since then she has worked in retail gallery sales and high-end residential and commercial art consulting.  Throughout her career she has sought to make art available more broadly, either by finding cost-efficient ways to make beautiful art herself, or now, helping artists find buyers and buyers find art.
RC Carter, Cofounder
RC Carter has worked in almost every aspect of online and mobile product development over a 15-year tech career: eCommerce, merchant, and promotion platforms (Amazon, Gap Inc Direct), online photography and digital media apps (Kodak Gallery), social sharing (Kaboodle, a social bookmarking tool that pre-dated Pinterest), and more. He is an avid proponent of lean, customer-focussed product development.  His spirit animal is a bear; his superpower is getting lots done fast. He can ask the five whys, has old player skills, and enjoys nothing more than a well-turned onboarding flow.
Angela Steffens, Lead Engineer
Angela is all thing software engineering and overall lead on keeping this sh*t running.  Previously, she has built a software platform for tracking real estate development projects and was the project manager on a massive realtime/IoT/geolocation application back in 2010 before everyone had Find My Friends on their phone and prior to "Internet of Things" becoming a catchphrase. Angela’s superpower is her ability to code with one hand while holding her new baby in the other.  Women rock.
Aaron Lichtner, Data Scientist
Aaron is Drizl's lead data scientist who is developing our art recommender engine.  He has a strong background in research, analytics, data visualization, modeling, statistics, and machine learning and enjoys tackling complex problems and presenting his findings through rich visuals.

He also has s Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington in 2015 and being a true renaissance man, is an artist and singer as well.

Patricia is CEO & Cofounder of Drizl.co. Contact her at patricia@drizl.co